John-Mark Payne specialises in starting young horses, re-educating older mounts or even just furthering your horse's education. John-Mark has broken in thousands of horses in his equine career and is today breaking in some of the most successful young horses in the competitive industry.


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Equine Training Services




Starting or backing a young horse is a process which ultimately has the power to shape your horse's feelings on being ridden for many years to come. Decisions made during those initial few weeks  have the potential to impact your horse's feelings towards carrying a rider for the rest of his life.


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Reining Training


A reining horse must be relaxed and confident in the reining pen and only a one-step-at-a-time training program will accomplish that. There is no better way to instill confidence and knowledge into your horse than to teach him the first steps first - the "basics". 


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The sport of dressage has existed for as long as people have been riding horses. Very simply, it is the art of training your horse to its full potential.


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Float Training

float training

Using techniques that will make sure your horse remains unafraid and comfortable, John Payne will also provide techniques for managing horses that will load but are nervous going on, or are nervous once they’re on the float.


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Tracey Round

John Mark started Beluga for me as a 2 year old. Beluga had not been handled much at all and had only recently been gelded. John Mark did an excellent job and as history would show he went on to be a great competition horse. Beluga is now enjoying his new owner who I am sure will learn a lot from him.

I recently purchased an Archimedes mare who...

Vivian Wearing

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with John Payne for around ten years now. John is one of those rare people who is passionate about improving all areas of his horsemanship skills, even at his high level. I know him to be hard working , honest and extremely talanted. I have personally used Johns help with one of our horses Mystique, ...

Roger T

It's not often in life you meet someone who has so much drive, passion and dedication to a sport. John Mark possesses these qualities and constantly strives for perfection in his handling, riding and training of performance horses. I have had several horses started by John, I say 'started' because they dont come home with broken spirits but are...

Gary Lung

I found John to be a man of few words but the communication he has with horses is second to none. He is attentive, patient, experienced and knowledgeable.

Often you hear stories of breakers "breaking" in horses well until you get on to ride them and find they do not understand the concept of "contact". This is not the case with John, he careful...